Sunday, May 31, 2009



Say g'day to Dino. I helped make him for a friend's boys' birthday party and what a lot of fun it was! You can find the step-by-step instructions for making him here but structurally, the cake basically consists of two 9-inch rounds, cut into the shapes below:

cutout cake

Since two 9-inch rounds probably wouldn't feed all the 45 guest who were coming, we decided to make some cupcakes as well.

cake and cupcakes

Okay Dino, say cheese! (Or whatever it is that cute dinosaur cakes say when they have their picture taken).


Ruth said...

Wow... he's great! I haven't really attempted many shaped birthday cakes. I really love the matching cupcakes and I bet the boys thought they tasted better because they were green!
It's lovely having Christi in Albany, she has been coming along to the young mum's bible study group that I lead :-)

Ruth xx

tamela said...

Thanks Ruth! :)

bernee said...

makes me want to ask you to make one for me. : D