Monday, March 21, 2011

make your own tea cozy

There's something comforting about a tea cozy. Tea time just isn't complete without one, for me. This is my second attempt at making one. It took some mental gymnastics to get it right. Here's what I did.

You'll need:
  • decorative fabric for the outer layer
  • plain cotton for the inside lining
  • polyester batting to keep the teapot warm.
(Note: I used batting that was pre-quilted which was great to work with.)

First, draw up a pattern on some paper. You'll draw a sort of half circle. Start by drawing the bottom line 14 1/2 inches (37 cm) long. The topmost point of the circle from that line will be 10 1/2 inches high (27 cm). (This is my first attempt at a sewing tutorial so you'll have to excuse the lack of technical terms)

Cut 2 x decorative fabric
Cut 2 x lining
Cut 2 x quilted batting, and then trim 3/4 inch (1.5 cm) off the bottom

Sew the two pieces of quilted batting together along the curve only, leaving about a 1/2 inch edge. Leave the straight edge open.

You can trim off some of that edge.

Next, you will lay one piece of decorative fabric face down on one piece of lining. Sew the two together along the straight edge. The picture above shows them sewed together, with seam underneath. Repeat with remaining two pieces of fabric.

Lay the two oval shapes so that they are facing eachother (see above). Sew these together, starting at the top of the lining and sewing all the way around, leaving a 10 inch gap (25 cm) at the top of the lining.

Turn inside out (see above).

You should now have a gap where you can insert the batting you sewed earlier.
Test it out so that it fits snug. You may have to trim the batting to fit smoothly inside.

Finally, pin and sew up the gap.

All that's left to do is to put the kettle on, make yourself a cuppa, and admire your handiwork! :)

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